We are a community of women coming together to explore, encourage, and inspire each other to live our best life. Welcome to BEU!


Live your Best Life

The hustle and bustle of society and demands of day-to-day life can leave us feeling exhausted and diminished. But we were made for so much more. Learn about the symptoms of a diminished state and how we can help you break free so you can live your best life.

This is WHY we do what we do…

Georgia aspires to a bigger world – not just for herself, but as a means to show others their own unlimited possibilities. Georgia has inspired me to take big leaps and trust that the Universe had my back. I guarantee that when you think you’re out there on that branch or at the edge of the cliff, not only will the Universe catch you, but so will Georgia.


“Georgia’s (the founder of BEU)character is genuine and uplifting, which is something that can be hard to find in today’s busy and masked society. BEU creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere, giving women the courage and strength to be themselves. Having this in my life has given me strength to be me regardless of societal expectations. Everyone deserves to be the real them, and BEU will be there to walk the path with you so you never feel alone.”


“BEU is a place where people go to reconnect with the pieces of themselves that the modern world has stripped away. It’s a place to, literally, BE YOU again. It’s the hope that you can BELONG. It’s the community we all search for in social media, but never really find. It’s the faith that you can BE something MORE than what you’re feeling right now – trapped, alone, weak, crushed, passed over, overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, on and on. It’s the place that you can explore the new you, find the old you, or something in between and BE SAFE and BE LOVED no matter what you find.”

– Ellimae