The BEU Design

{the butterfly}

The butterfly has to fight so hard, not to get out of the cocoon, but because the fight builds her wings so that when she transforms, she can fly. If someone sees the struggle and fixes it for her by opening the cocoon, her wings won’t be strong enough and she’ll die. So, she finds a safe environment in which to build her cocoon, and begins her battle. Butterflies can’t see their own wings. She doesn’t know how beautiful she is. And on the first flight, and every flight after, she trusts her wings are there and will carry her. Butterflies fly hundreds of miles in migration, so though they appear fragile and delicate, they are actually quite strong. These things are true of us too. BEU is designed to provide the environment you need to fight within your cocoon (your mind, body, spirit), so you can transform into a more beautiful version of self, trusting in your own wings to bring you to the places you want to go. We can’t do this for you, because you need to build your wings strong. But, we’ll be cheering you on as you fight, knowing how great your wings will be. You are worthy, and you are beautiful, even when you can’t see it.

{the woman inside the butterfly}

Imagine for a moment -what does the body language look like of someone who is depressed, withdrawn, worn down, sad, exhausted? Now imagine again the opposite. What does the body language look like of someone who is celebratory, thriving, victorious, engaged, excited, happy? What happened to her posture, her arms? The body of the butterfly is you. Those are your wings. And inside your wings, you stand tall, arms raised in a V for victory. Celebrating your transformation. Your breakthrough. You being fully free to be who you are. To be youier. Go ahead. Try it right now, it’s vulnerable and scary, we know, but you’re so brave, go on… raise your arms outstretched tall above your head in a V, breathe deeply. And know you were made for great things. You have purpose, and there is a passion within you that blazes so brightly you can’t help but shine.

{the colors}

The primary colors associated with BEU are a vibrant green and white. Green is the color of life, nature, renewal, vibrancy. White is the color of light, healing, peace. The concept of yin and yang is a focus of BEU and is represented in the colors – the balance of vibrant renewing energy and calming restorative peace. We are confident you’ll find both in the BEU programs.

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