WHAT we do

You’ve seen retreats or guided adventures. You’ve seen educational seminars and book studies. BEU is a unique concept that combines both along with the healing power of nature into a transformative journey designed to empower women to break free from the chains that hold you back from living your best life. Once free, you can live a passionate purpose-filled life and by this transform the world you live in through your power of influence. Be You. Be more you. Be Youier.

This women’s only program incorporates the elements of rest, movement, nature, and education within a supportive community of other women designed to make you feel empowered and ready to live a transformed life in whatever role you play – wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee.

Discover our unique offerings HERE, and read below for HOW we do it.

Be You. Be more you. Be Youier.

The BEU programming is focused in three areas:

  1. Rejuvenate
  2. Connect
  3. Transform


The rejuvenate element combines movement with nature. BEU believes in practicing balance – fully integrating movement with stillness, thinking with feeling, doing and being. With this, we have movement in forms of activities such as yoga, walking, hiking, cycling, paddle boarding, or kayaking. Moving our body to prepare for moving our mind and spirit. Science has shown the chemical changes in releasing endorphins to IMG_8326encourage clarity of mind, and a calm spirit. In this, we are better prepared to absorb information, and to face the things that can bubble to the surface when we dive deep in the educational component. This movement is balanced with the soothing element of nature which brings about breathing, stillness, and reflection. We need both movement and stillness to feel balanced.  Combined, the elements of movement, nature, and rest will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and energized. A detox for the spirit.


IMG_8335We were made for connection. BEU small groups are designed with this in mind. Our vulnerability will be held sacred, safe among other women who can empathetically say “me too”, normalizing the feelings we have that feel so isolating. It is in this loving, supporting, judgmentfree space that we feel our own transformation into the new self we are creating. We are hardwired for belonging. Not just fitting in. At BEU, we belong. We are all in this together. Lifelong friendships and support are forged here.


The unique element to BEU’s programs is the educational component. Each event has an educational theme designed for a holistic approach to transformation. Topics are specifically designed in alignment with the activity and location for the program to create an overall balanced experience. Most programming is designed for a quick fix, and looks at the issue at a high level. BEU’s programs are different – we look at the root cause, and believe transformation begins at the micro level. To transform our world, our families, our workplaces, our friendships, we must begin with ourselves. We beginIMG_8324 by designing a vision for our lives – what does our best-self look like, act like, do? Then we deep dive into the things that hold us back – what are we tethered to? Finances, health problems, fears, insecurity. Once we bring them to light, we can begin to heal them in a gentle step-by-step approach, tailored to each individual. The educational programming includes group lectures and discussions, as well as individual thought and journaling. We will leave with a plan in place to bring the healing and learning from the program back into our daily life.