WHY we exist

Maybe you are interested in trying something new, but feel intimidated by the challenge ahead. Maybe you’re ready for something new in your life but not sure what. Maybe you’re exhausted and just need to rest. Wherever you are in life, YOU BELONG HERE! We believe your superpower is influence. You can live the life of your dreams, and have a powerful impact in your community, your family, your workplace, your relationships. We believe in the power of nature and movement, of community, and love to help you transform into your best self. Learn more about what we believe and why we exist. We’re so glad you’re here.

If you are:

  1. Not just “I need a nap” tired, but “I’m tired to my spirit, tired”
  2. Feeling stirred to do something, but not sure what
  3. Full of fears, insecurities, confusion, and past junk
  4. Wanting to try something new, but not sure how, or just want someone to go with
  5. Feeling fierce and ready to tackle something you’ve never tried before, or
  6. Looking for a strong group of women to uplift and support you in your endeavors, and
  7. Ready to feel rested, empowered, and have some fun along the way


We believe:

  • Slowing down and creating intentional space for stillness allows us to imagine, to create the vision for our best life,
  • There is a way to heal and solve for the deeply rooted inner stuff and real circumstances that holds us back from putting brush strokes to canvas to make the vision become reality,
  • Nature and exercise have scientific support for changing the way our mind processes information, leading to creativity and healing,
  • We are hard wired for belonging (not just fitting in), connection, and empathetic relationships,
  • Our super power is influence – we lead just by being who we are,
  • We change the world through multiplication – first changing ourselves, then by influencing another, who influences another, and on and on
  • In BEING love. We can lead with love, serve with love, live a life we love, because we ARE love.