Coffee Camino – Oregon Coast

It’s not the caffeine I’m addicted to, it’s humanity. Coffee shops may be one of the best ways to see it. Homeless people can go there with just a couple bucks and be warm or cooled or dry once again, use the bathroom, and feel more human if even for a moment. Rich people and poor people go there. Young children to the elderly. All races and genders. Straight or gay. The bubbly, happy, bouncy Tiggers to the ho-hum low energy Eeores. Business people with notebooks, hippie people with flowy skirts, jazzy people with a guitar case, college kids with books. Coffee shops are an equal playing field. And the turf is love. Community. Connection. Strangers take time to talk to one another. Watching elderly men sit at a table playing cribbage. A man working on his computer IMG_8344growing impatient with the increasing volume of the conversations an suddenly scolds a teenager for talking on his phone. Then watch him soften into conversation an hour later, his computer pushed off to the side. Ladies discussing their plans for shopping the boutiques. A retired woman discussing house sitting for a couple as they had to deal with an emergency and how that gave her a sense of purpose. A retired man who is traveling across the country sleeping in his truck because he saw that retired men whither and die while they are alive and “isn’t going down like that”. A young boy with no arms, eating his donut by putting his face on his plate and moving it around with his tongue. SO much beauty in humanity. Community. Connection. Love. That is the purpose and meaning of life. To love and be loved. To connect.

IMG_8343This is the Coffee Camino. Rediscover your deeply rooted need for connection, learn how to build effective relationships, how to slow down for a moment, and have eyes that see the beauty in the community around you. We’ll stroll casually along the beaches of Northern Oregon from town to town, coffee shop to coffee shop, observing, discussing, connecting. Find your peace. Find what holds you back from connection. Receive the sense of connection you’re craving.

Details coming soon. Contact us to let us know you’re curious about this one.