Stillwater Registration Packet

We are SO proud of you for choosing to invest in YOU. We believe that self-care is a necessary step in best caring for those around us, and that the best version of you is just waiting to be revealed. Live a passion filled, purpose driven life, we’re here to kick start your journey. Below is some additional information to support you in getting here, and please send us any additional questions you may have. We are beyond thrilled to have you join us, and can’t wait to be a part of your journey. You belong here!

Next Steps

  • Get connected!
    • Join us on Facebook, and Instagram
    • Send us your profile information to be shared with the rest of the group
    • Engage in any group calls and emails to get to know each other
  • Get rewarded!
    • Share your trip plans with your friends. You and your friend will each receive a $50 credit. There are no limits here, so bring the whole group.
  • Get prepared!
    • Read the travel information below to familiarize yourself and review the FAQ, and what to pack.
    • Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you.

Travel Information

  • We will meet at the Ann Bean Mansion located at 319 Pine St W, Stillwater, MN 55082.
  • Complimentary parking is available on site.
  • All transportation once you have arrived will be covered by the BEU programming.
  • If you are flying into the event, you’ll choose MSP Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 will get you to the same spot.
  • Please contact us if you need any assistance with travel plans. We’re happy to help.


  • Plan to arrive at the Inn between 5-6pm on Thursday for registration and social hour.
  • The daily schedule varies by activity, but typically begins around 8am for breakfast and ends around 7pm.
  • Free time is built into the daily schedule for socializing or individual reflection.
  • Check-out is 11am on Sunday, with programming ending around 10am to allow time for packing and socializing or enjoying the amenities one last time.

Packing List

  • Please consider those with sensitivities to fragrances. BEU does not allow scented products in our retreats. No perfumes or fragranced lotions/shampoos/soaps/sprays, please.
  • Per fire regulations, no candles or open flames are allowed. Smoking is not allowed on the property, or within 100’ of event programming.
  • Overnight Stays/Retreat Lounging
    • Dress as you like, but we will be in loose comfortable clothing, and may even stay in our pajamas. Why not? Dress however you feel comfortable learning and socializing in within a private non-judgmental setting.
    • Toiletries will be provided by the Inn, but feel free to bring your own unscented products as you like.
    • Medications
    • Cell phone charger
    • Camera
    • Learning materials will be provided by BEU programming, but feel free to bring your own as well if you have a favorite way of learning
  • Dinner out
    • We will be going into town for a dinner. Nothing fancy needed here, dress attire is casual.
  • Adventures
    • Required:
      • Hiking shoes if you have them, or a good pair of running shoes – the activities require supportive shoes with good soles to account for loose and uneven terrain
      • Small daypack/backpack or tote bag – you’ll want to have your hands free for paddling and hiking
      • Water bottle – we will have bottles of water available for you, but please consider the environment in bringing your favorite reusable water bottle
    • Suggested (For Kayaking, Hiking, and optional Swimming):
      • Beach towel
      • Swim suit
      • Shorts/tank top or athletic wear for kayaking and hiking
      • Long pants for lounging in the cool of the evening
      • Water shoes
      • Flip Flops
      • Sunglasses
      • Sunscreen (unscented)
      • Bug Spray (unscented)


  1. What are the accommodations?
    1. We are staying at the historic Ann Bean Mansion, and have the whole place to ourselves! That’s right! BEU has reserved an entire mansion, just for you. Because you deserve it.
    2. Take a tour of the Inn and amenities here:
    3. The Inn has a cozy parlor and dining area where our social hours, meals, and educational components will take place.
    4. There are 4 participant rooms, 2 of which have 1 king bed, 2 have a king bed and a twin bed each. Typically, our retreats are based on double occupancy with an upcharge for a room all to yourself. For this retreat, we are offering the private rooms as a BONUS for the first two registrants. Room choice will be offered to the first to arrive. So, get there early, take a tour, and claim your sacred space.
    5. The entire Inn is Victorian style, with each room having unique décor. The rooms have private bathrooms including either a whirlpool or soaking tub, and a rain shower. All toiletries and bathrobes will be provided.
  2. What is the food like?
    1. All meals, snacks, and beverages will be provided by the BEU programming.
    2. Nutrition plays a key part in allowing us to live our best life, so it’s an important focus of BEU to provide nutritious meals designed to fuel your journey. Meals range from multi-course breakfasts, picnic style lunches, catered dinners, and a dinner at a restaurant in town. Snacks range from salty to sweet, naughty and nice. Beverages are available all day including water, coffee, tea, cocoa, and limited beer/wine/champagne to coordinate with the activity. Food preferences can be accommodated, just ask. And, you’re welcome to bring your own food and beverages as well. A mini-fridge is available in each room.
  3. What is the itinerary?
    1. In general, you can expect a meal and welcome/closing programming on the day of arrival and check-out. For the two activity days, we will get started around 8am and conclude around 7pm. Time for meals, socializing, individual time, group lessons, and adventure are carved out for you. We typically operate on a fluid schedule due to the nature of adventure, but you’ll be given an orientation each day so you know what to expect.
  4. What do I need to know about the activities?
    1. This adventure includes a guided kayaking tour and a guided hiking tour both designed for beginners in mind. Advanced thrill seekers will have the option for additional challenges as part of the programming. We’ll work with you on your comfort level and limits to ensure you are getting a workout to create those happy endorphins.
    2. You’ll be working primarily upper body with the kayaking event, and lower body with the hiking event. Please let your guides know if you have any limitations or concerns with participating in these activities.
    3. Go at your own pace. This programming is for you. While we will explore limits and comfort zones, you won’t ever be pushed to a point of fear, or asked to participate where you are not comfortable. Use your voice, let us know if there is anything that gives you concern, and we will support you in your journey.
  5. What is the weather like?
    1. This event is taking place in June, where temperatures and weather patterns in Minnesota can vary. Typically, you can expect day time temperatures in the low 80s, and evening temperatures in the low 60s.
    2. We will carefully monitor the weather and may consider changing or cancelling programming as a result. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information on this.
  6. Anything else?
    1. Let us know what other questions you have. We’re here to help you have the time of your life.


  • Please refer to our Payment and Cancellation policy here.
  • There are several companies (unaffiliated with BEU) that offer travel insurance to cover a variety of situations that may arise causing a cancellation in your trip. A few are listed below –
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